Millennials tend to focus more on experiences than stuff as they realise that in the long run having lots of stuff doesn’t make you happy. Connection with others, giving back to society and travel makes people endlessly happy.

But when we’re not doing that the rest, comfort, focus and creativity we get from our homes and offices are vital to rejuvenate us and ensure our lives are best lived.

So I thought I would help you with your own home with my 6 tips to minimising so you can make the most of it.

  1. Firstly split things into categories and lay out the items you need as if you were about to go on holiday. Clothes, toiletries, tech etc.
  2. Select your favourite items of clothing ensuring they all work well together as outfits. Hang them up again in a dedicated space in your wardrobe, then look at the other items and see how they can work with your selection. To further reduce your wardrobe, split it into summer and winter clothes, then you can store away the set you don’t need. You’ll soon end up wearing only what you love and it will become easier to put gorgeous outfits together instantly.
  3. Toiletries are the bane of my life and I always seem to buy more than I need. Select your favourite brands, put the rest in a box in your bathroom and use it all up. When you do come to buy new toiletries, make sure they’re your favourites.
  4. Tech can be simple and only consist of a few things, depending on what you do for a living or for pleasure. I have my laptop, hard drive, large screen, phone and Digital  SLR camera. Try to minimise extra wires or at least tie them up neatly.
  5. No paper! There really is no need to print things out anymore, plus the papers you do have can be scanned and are much safer that way. Anything legal can be filed in an organised way, just make sure you scan it too.
  6. In terms of rooms, the kitchen was my most difficult area to tackle. I have so many utensils and some gorgeous crockery from my grandparents that I am emotionally attached to.  I think with this area just get rid of duplicates and anything you never seem to use.

The main point here is

USE what you’ve got – burn that expensive candle, mess up your pretty napkins. Or LOSE it – donate to charity, sell on eBay.

“The emotional and physical freedom that minimising gives you is honestly amazing – it opens up your life and simplifies even making your cup of tea in the morning.”

You clear space for good things, and by things I don’t mean more stuff.

Our homes can dictate how healthy we are. Tiny reminders to push the mental focus onto the positive – A smoothie maker in prime place with enticing fresh fruit in a bowl, or mental focus with an inspirational mood board or some positive quotes around the home.

If that stuff makes you cringe, photos of family and friends are just an excellent reminder of what to be grateful for.


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