1. Get rid of all old magazines and only keep the most recent 2 or 3. I’ve kept the Vogue and World of Interiors magazines that I was featured in of course, and the May 1983 edition of Vogue that my friend bought me – awesome gift. This goes for books on your shelves as well – those you have read either sell on Amazon or donate to charity. If your books are on display attempt different ways of stacking them or colour coordinating them.
  2. Get your art framed professionally and hang it. I can’t tell you how long I’ve had art rolled up in tubes or empty frames placed on the wall unfilled..that would be embarrassing.
  3. Style your coffee table with scented candles, design/art books and magazines (the gorgeously edited amount from step one, of course) and a couple of small plants. Succulents are my favourite plants for these sorts of arrangements. Then if you still think it needs more, add in a couple of small ornaments.
  4. Sort out your wiring. There is nothing worse than sitting down to watch something and the wiring behind your TV and lamps is all over the shop. Get yourself some wire ties and give it your best shot. Where possible hide them behind your cabinet.
  5. Adjust the lighting – no more fairy lights post-christmas? Er yes! Crazy you may think, but I have year round fairy lights at home. They provide just the right amount of light to make things cosy.
  6. Move your plants around or buy some new ones. I love the idea of having a living room that is like a small jungle, where the plants envelope and mark out the space. Not only do they look spectacular but they’ll clean the air for you and give you some tasty oxygen.

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